Quick plast…is ready to use factory mix mortar. Carefully prepared by mixing grey Portland cement, other additives and various sizes of natural graded-aggregates, quartz sand in fully balanced batching plant. The all ingredients are proportioned to fill all voids. Our plaster is empowered with additional admixtures and fibers (optional) for anti cracking, higher bonding strength & workability.

Why use Quick plast ?

With river sand becoming scarce and costlier, labour becoming dearer, use of innovative and advanced materials becomes need of the hour. Pramur in its quest to give the best has researched and developed this product to suit the construction industry. Added chemicals take care of the post applied requirements such as curing thus bringing down the time loss and associated wet zone nuisances. Cost saving is achieved by zero wastage, quick setting & no curing. Experiments are going on for application by machines. This can be applied directly on the smooth concrete surface without hacking.Specially formulated mixes for ceiling and wall, tile fixing is also available.


Empty 40KG bag of our dry mix powder into tray/bucket-container mix and manually / mechanically gradually adding 6 to 7 liter of water and mix it properly so that uniform mortar gets ready. Keep the mixture aside for 5 to 7 minutes to allow the admixtures to take action. Remix the mortar again to make mortar workable and apply it on the prepared Surface. It is advised to use trowel & spatula as shown in the Demo (please watch movie clip on the CD supplied.) Once mixed with water the mortar has to be used within 60 minutes.

Surface preparation:

Before applying this plaster clean the surface from contamination such as oil, Grease, Loose, particles, decayed matter, shuttering Oil, curing compounds etc.


The 6mm thickness will give you around———–35 to 40 Sft/40 kgs bag The 10mm thickness will give you around———22 to 25 Sft/40 kgs bag Coverage figures given are theoretical, due to nature of possible undulations on substrates, practical coverage figures may vary.

Packing : 40 Kgs Bags

Storage: Store in cool and dry conditions

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Product at a Glance
Appearance Grey colour powder + Granular
Packaging 40 Kg Bag
Storage Store in dry and covered shed to protect form rain and sunlight
Shelf Life 6 months from the Date of manufacture if stored as recommended
Bulk density of Mortar 1.65 kg/L
Weight of fresh wet Mortar 2.20 kg/L
Particle size (max.) .05 – 2.0 mm ( will vary for diff applications)
Compressive strength after 28 days More than 7.5 Mpa minimum required 6Mpa (IS 2250.1981)