Quick bond… Dry mix mortar

Using Premix mortars makes good economic sense for projects of all sizes. You can save on time, cost & labour it also eliminates messy site mixing and avoid wastage & theft. Premix mortars are manufactured with high quality sands, cements and admixtures. The joints can be as thin as 6 mm to give enhances aesthetic looks in exposed masonry.

The sand and cement is accurately batched by weight and the admixtures and are precisely, metered, eliminating the inaccuracies of site mixing. Premix mortars set in the same way as site-mixed mortars and with equivalent performance. They are suitable for all forms of construction and all sand/cement designations as specified I.S

Can be used for all masonry joints, ACC, Cement blocks, Bricks and tile laying.

Packing : 20 & 40 Kgs Bags

Storage: Store in cool and dry conditions

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Product at a Glance
Appearance Grey colour powder + Granular
Packaging 40 Kg Bag
Storage Store in dry and covered shed to protect form rain and sunlight
Shelf Life 6 months from the Date of manufacture if stored as recommended
Bulk density of Mortar 1.65 kg/L
Weight of fresh wet Mortar 2.20 kg/L
Particle size (max.) .05 – 2.0 mm ( will vary for diff applications)
Compressive strength after 28 days More than 7.5 Mpa minimum required 6Mpa (IS 2250.1981)